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This is one of the few letters, which has touched my heart and was more influenced with the words mentioned in it. I am sure, at some point of your life, you would also have come across those moments, where you have to separate from your girl/guy whom you considered as your world.

This letter was shared by one of my good friend, who wants to convey his sweet heart the reason for moving apart and to thank her for all those sweet moments she had given to him.

Even though, he has given me full rights to publish the letter as it is; I have made small modification to protect their identity and moments. I have tried my best to retain its essence and put across to you, without losing its purpose.


Letter goes like this…..

To my beloved Chinnus

When we least expect, we have to say good bye to our loved ones. There will be times, when we can’t explain, why we have to crash & burn the bridge which we considered as our world.The pain of separation from the loved one is more painful than solitary prison, where person will be living like a soulless body and living just for the sake of it. Most of the times, a confession wouldn’t repair the damages, that has been already done.May be during these process, we have caused un-reparable damages; however hard we try to correct can’t be undone.

These pains affects us in a profound way, and people involved in these process will be experiencing a crash & burn situation, where their hopes and dreams associated with person are lost in the process. The pain of dejection, rejection and loneliness will be haunting those soulless beings, who have been going through these processes.Some might feel that, they are being emotionally used and played a martyr drama to do escapism, which is actually not true. There may be the exception who likes to play the role of killer hunter and use people emotionally. But I would like to stand apart and make the record straight.

We never know what role we have to play in the next minute. We are actually puppets in the hands of destiny. However hard, we try to deny this fact; it is the fact of life.May be someone else has different opinion, which I don’t want to contradict and prove that I am right. The destiny has played a wonderful game, where I was a puppet in destiny’s hand and however hard I try to break its clutches, I am unable to do it

May be, I shouldn’t have come into your life and given you hopes & shatter it; but falling love with u was like catching fire to my soul.I know after reaching this stage of inseparable hearts, where both had drowned in the nectar of love, would it possible for me to say good bye just like that.

I don’t know how to put across to you ,but I would like you to know that ,you were my princesses of my heart and would cherish that moments locked in my heart ,daily visiting and pouring blood to those moments; so that those moments, will also live with that broken heart.The emotions of those wonderful moments are still lingering in my thoughts. These words are coming from a heart, who is equally shattered and each day yearning to be with you.

But, I know these words are nothing to you, as you have lost your trust in me and wouldn’t want to hear any more words coming from cheater, liar and dramatist which you always have described me.

May be its time to let the whole world, know that love for you was always true and I want to shout to whole world that you are always mine. Even though love between us was through the expression of word and without seen, I could feel your presence every time near to me. Some day, I hope that you will understand my reason behind to burn the bridge, which I always held close to my heart.

No matter how far you are, I hope one day you read this letter of broken heart and understand why it was necessary to sacrifice my world and let you go.

With lots of Love



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  1. What a nice story….so touching and inspiring…But you did not mention why u are forced to burn that “bridge” that connects ur love for each other….How i wish i could get in touch with u…

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